Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Partner.

After Brilliant Inheritance... I'm addicted to this court room drama. Not just because of the cast but also the story line.. the cases, the affairs, loves, hates, family and friend... it's quite interesting. Every cases make you want it more. Every scene make you wait and wait... the love and hate it's simple but yet complicated make it even worth to watch.

Every character builds so well. I should say the Miss Korea (Lee Honey) do well bringing her character as Han Jeong-won thumbs-up for her.

The story that revolves around law firms, showing us how people on law firm thinks and act. They show us the humanity and the badness around their world. And I have to say... it make me even love it coz I used to do my practical in a firm which show the exact situation on the small firm "Lee & Kim". Instead of being stuck up they show me the warm and friendly working environment... 

If people think there is no such person as Lee Tae Joo... then they're wrong coz I've met one just like him. He walk around the office without any worries... he shows no interest on work but still he win every cases. 

So watching "The Partner" is just like bringing back all the memories I have back then.

The cast:

Kim Hyun Joo as Kang Eun Ho

Lee Dong Wook as Lee Tae Jo

Choi Chul Ho as Lee Young Woo

 Lee Ha Nui OR Honey Lee as Han Jung Won

* Will make an update later...

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