Thursday, February 24, 2005

Lovers In Paris

Huh...quite busy this day but I'm not forgetting about my blog...sometimes it's kind of satisfied when you know you got something to rely on and it's always there. Ok, let's check out what is my new favourite drama out there...

~Lovers In Paris~

Lovers In Paris is a modern Cinderella story. A story revolves around a poor girl who fall in love to a rich guy. Sound familiar enough to us. The love story makes it interesting enough when the girl juggled between two people who means a lot to her. One as a lover and the other one as a friend.

Kim Tae Young met Han Ki Joo and Yoon Su Hyuk in Paris and the three of them developed their feelings from friend to love. Choosing between 2 men who apparently have much stronger relationship than she thought make it even difficult for her. Never thought that she will be the wall between the 2 men. 

Love, friendship, family, jealousy and loyalty become the subject in this drama.

Lastly, it casted the most excellent and most promising Korean stars of today...

Park Shin-Yang (Han Ki Joo)

Kim Jung Eun (Kang Tae Young)

Lee Dong Gun (Yoon Su Hyuk)

~Lovers In Paris~

"To understand how people live this day... sometimes you should know how to live"  

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