Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I'm back again with new reviews of my fav.dramas...well i guess this drama is quite nice...it's not just a love story but also a story that link between a pair of twin sister, how they accept each other and how they manage their feelings...it's hard for me for not to watch it especially when you know the cast are all quite good looking...especially Wallace Huo...hahaha.

Well this is the synopsis...hope it will help much to understand about the drama.

The Twin Sisters

A spouse decided to pay a lad to bore a baby for both of them. And Zhu Feng has to go trough with the process knowing that she got paid for it. After 9 month she finally give birth to a twin sister and realize that her mother nature has attached her to the babies. She finally decided to ran away with one of the baby. This is the begin of the fate of the twin sister.

20 years later

The daughter that Zhu Fang gave birth to grows well and of coz in a well known family. This young girl is named Zhuang Fei Yang. As an only daughter who lost her mother, her loves to her father is undeniable. Being loved by almost everyone she depends almost everything to her father assistant Peter. Until the day she turn 20 years old, Fei Yang has lost his father.

Loosing his beloved father, Fei Yang have to take over her father business. Without knowing anything she once again depends on Peter and without realizing it both has falling in love with each other. However, the romantic moments didn't goes according to the books. Peter has his own agenda and planned on getting rid of Fei Yang.

Fei Yang who has lost his father now lost her lover, wealth, and her own personality. She is no longer Zhuang Fei Yang. She have to live with a new name, new personality, and new face. This is 100% changing process for Fei Yang.

IM Group.

IM Group is a group of 5 young people Lee Wei Xiang, Ma Ji, Pa Zi, Barbie and Xiao Chan who at first agree to share their rent in the same house but finally decide to form a group who will work in any fields in order to got paid.

On Fei Yang 20th birthday party, IM Group is hire to work as waitress, and that is the first time Wei Xiang laid his eyes on Fei Yang. Knowing that there is no where he might stumble on Fei Yang again he have never stopped following every news on Fei Yang until the day a speculations arise that Fei Yang has already leaved Taiwan.

The Areca Nut Girls

Liang Xiao Feng is the other twin sister who Zhu Fang successfully ran away with. She grows with her mom and work as an areca nut seller. Xiao Feng is a hyper girl who love her mother dearly. Her life started to change after she met with the IM Group who thought she was Fei Yang. Xiao Feng who know nothing about Fei Yang got confused and argued with IM Group until she saw Fei Yang pictures in a magazines. 

Their story begins with so many twisted, their life, love, secrets and faith all blends together.

Well enough with the reviews... I guess it's long enough...hehehe. Now let me introduce the main cast of the drama:

Joe Chan Qiao Chen (Liang Xiao Feng/ Zhuang Fei Yang)
Penny Lin Wei Jun as Zhuang Fei Yang after having plastic surgery.

Wallace Huo Jian Hua as Lee Wei Xiang. 
Is a cold person but taking good care of people around him. In love with Fei Yang but also involved with crisis between Fei Yang and Xiao Feng.

Deric Wan Zhao Lun sebagai Peter Pan Bi Da 
a person who take serious every steps he takes. Until he met with Xiao Feng, 
he gradually falling for her and trying harder to do the best for her 
and improved himself only for her.

Enjoyed it untill then...Sayonara..

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