Sunday, May 31, 2015

Won Bin & Lee Na Young Wedding Photos

Wedding photos released by Won Bin and Lee Na Young.

On May 31, Eden 9 released photos from the private countryside wedding of stars Won Bin and Lee Na Young. In the pictorial, the 37-year-old actor looks regal in a double-breasted suit while his 36-year-old bride is gorgeously styled in an overall lace gown.Their picturesque nuptials were initially reported by the Korean outlet Dispatch on May 30.

In a report published on Nate, a representative for Eden 9 provided a statement, along with the photos. "Under the clear blue sky and May wheat field, the couple walked out to exchange marriage vows," said a spokesperson for Eden 9. "They received the blessings of both families, who watched in silence. Now they have a lifelong love."

The couple broke from the conventional concept of getting married at a posh wedding hall. Their ceremony was held within the flourishing meadows of a bed and breakfast in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province. In one photo, female guests are dressed in traditional hanbok while their male counterparts are in formal wear. Celebrities were not included on the guest list, which was reportedly restricted to friends and family.

On May 30, a representative for their agency provided a statement which confirmed their marriage and dispelled pregnancy rumors. "We wanted to have the wedding be as quiet as possible, as they make an ever-lasting promise," said a representative for Eden 9.

Won Bin and Lee Na Young are both represented by Eden 9. The couple reportedly began dating in July 2012 but their agency confirmed that the relationship started in July 2013.
Won is best known for his portrayal of Han Tae Suk in the K-Drama, "Autumn in My Heart" and his role in the hit action-thriller, "The Man from Nowhere."

By: Adrienne Stanley @kdramastar
Photo credit: Eden 9

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