Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rain wins suit against reporter who made false report of embezzlement

Singer Rain won the suit against a media reporter.

The Seoul Central Court of Law reached of verdict of a payment of 30 million won between 3 reporters from S Newspapers and 20 million from 3 others from N Communications as Rain has suffered publicly and mentally.Rain filed charges on a reporter who reported that Rain had embezzled money from a clothing company and the relating media. The prosecutors decided he wasn't guilty and charged the two reporters and shareholder Lee of J Tune Creative, for mis-utilization of communication networks and mis-protection of information.

Lee reported and sued Rain in March last year that, "He embezzled 4.6 billion won of the company through the chairman of J Tune Creative". He got reporter A and B to release this to media as well. Prosecutors charged him not guilty in December last year.

Source : Nate. & Hancinema

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