Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IRIS (2009)

The story about life as an agent...two elite NSS (National Security System) agents, Hyeong Jun (Lee Byung Hun) and Sa Woo (Jeong Jun Ho). Both known for their great sportsmanship, trustworthy and brotherhood. Both fall in love with fellow agent Seung Hee (Kim Tae Hee).

Hyun Joon receives a mandate to attend graduate school and by chance he meets & fall in love with Seung Hee at first sight, but he falls into a slump when she suddenly dissapear.

Sa Woo meets Seung Hee trough a hometown senios & fall in love with her as well.

Then one day, Hyun Joon & Sa Woo are taken by mysterious officers to a facility, where they undergo a series of rigorous tests. They finally enter NSS after intensive training.

On their first day work, they meet Seung Hee again. After she informs them that she tracked them down on purpose, they are uneasy but cannot let go their attraction to her.

Hyun Joon impulsively kisses the cool-headed Seung Hee, and they rapidly become closer. Sa woo decides to supress his feelings and whises the couple the best.

Hyeon Jun then sent off on a solo mission to hungary. In Hungary, Hyeon Jun accomplishes his mission & while in escape mode becomes wounded. Shortly later Hyeon Jun find out that he was betrayed by his best friend Sa Woo. Seung Hee attempts to help Hyeon Jun escape, but a car explosion seperate both of them and they misled to believe that one of them are dead. Hyeon Jun however were save by an unknown voice and learn about the secret society IRIS.

One year later, Hyeon Jun returns to Korea to seek revenge .

The Cast:

Lee Bung Hyun as Kim Hyun Joon

Kim Tae Hee as Choi Seung Hee

Joon Ho Jeong as Jin Sa Woo

Kim seong Woo as Park Cheol Yeong

Kim Seo Yeon as Kim Seon Hwa

Choi Seung Hyeun (TOP) as Vick

*Another new drama to watch... The actors are totally superb... can't help but wanting to watch it... the early episode look interesting and funny at the same time... I've never thought they have funny scene in this drama since the poster and teaser look serious but this is really interesting.

What Do You Think?:


  1. this seems like the drama lee jun ki stars in.. time of wolf and dog i think..

  2. ^^ well I thought the same too... but now I don't think so... coz LJK lost his memories but LBH did not... but both were really interesting to watch...

  3. i love kim seo yeon!!!