Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rain gets own IPTV channel

J. Tune Entertainment announced on July 24 that SK Broad & TV has decided to dedicate a channel to Rain.

The 27-year-old is set to have his very own Internet protocol television (IPTV) channel where viewers can tune in to watch Rain all day/night long!

The History section will showcase all his music videos from his last five albums, while the Designer Rain category offers fans a peek behind-the-scenes of Rain’s fashion brand Six to Five.

Other programmes include commercials, performances, live concerts, photo shoots and other clips of Rain as he ekes out a living as a singer, actor and designer. Phew!

A J. Tune Entertainment rep said: “As this is the first time for a local celebrity to have an exclusive channel on television, we feel a great deal of responsibility. We will put forth our efforts to bring more exclusive channels for artists in the long run. This channel has given us the opportunity to look for ways artists can get closer to and communicate better with fans.”

It has been a year since Rain got together with his fans but that is about to change as the Energizer Bunny will be holding his 2009 Global Fan Meeting at Kyung Hee University tomorrow (July 29).

Rain’s upcoming Hollywood flick Ninja Assassin will be released in Nov 2009.

pic credit: Newsen

* Wargh!!! 24/7 ? Doesn't it sound like... Rain is yours... LoL
He's getting hotter, better and greater. ^^

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