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Kkotboda Namja [꽃보다 남자] Boys Before Flower Episode 5

I don't have to describe how all the cast make it great... but I was happy that KJH really make it good with YJH character. Now I realized why on earth in the early episode KHJ did not make me feel happy... so it was because of the character itself... hmm well now I can say he's good. Every move he make comes with emotion... I don't know if you'll understand what I mean but when he smile, talk or look at GJD you can feel the exact feeling YJH have towards GJD.

Screen cap episode 5:

It was too late when GJP arrives at the scene.
GJD have been brutally bullied.

Just when GJD think she need a help and realize no one appear since every time she was in a hard situation YJH will be the one who protect her...

GJP kneel down and put GJD in his arm saying : "I'm sorry..."

While GJP carrying GJD in his arm, GJD mumbling " I didn't do it..." and GJP told GJD it doesn't matter. Listening to what GJP says GJD keep mumbling "You still don't believe me, do you?" feel upset with himself and what have happened GJP tell her " I do believe you!"

(Love this part... it shows how GJD really care for a simple understanding from GJP. She wanted GJP to believe in her, and he wanted her to believe in him)

At the mansion, GJP insists to treat GJD wound himself. As always both will start arguing about how GJD should have been learning from the past.

While wiping GJD face and lips. Suddenly GJP heart start pounding and well we all know what the rhythms means

Realizing what he was thinking about, GJP suddenly shove the towel to GJD face and went out taking a deep breath and listen to his heart beat again... So sweet...

SYJ & WB succeeded their mission on tracking the guy in the picture and the mastermind.

and a flashback show us why did
OMJ do whatever things she have done...

Little OMJ

Little YJH


And the little GJP

(I think little YJH is the cutest LoL)

As a little kid GJP has already have the character of a boy who speak sharply telling OMJ how ugly she is and stop thinking about being together with him.

OMJ recites everything and started crying telling GJP what she have done to have that pretty face.

“Do you know how I put up with it? That look on your face. The look when you ran away from me like I was some bug or a monster. I haven’t forgotten a moment.”

and all that GJP can say is:

“I don’t remember, but I’m sorry for it.”

but the best part is when GJP says:

“I feel sorry for you. Do you know why? You’re still a monster, like you were then. No — you’re worse now. The kid back then still had a good heart.”

(I like it when we started to think how GJP has changed into someone more considerate, lovely and warm... he actually don't. He still have that evil sides which is cruel and sharp when he need to be.)

After punishing OMJ with sharp words and so on
GJP look for GJD to finished what he have done...
Of coz they still fighting over words but it getting sweeter...

(If I were GJD... I'll fall for him at this moment LoL
To have someone taking care of me this is it...)

love this this moment too Blings

In the morning, GJD waking up and find out... all the maids are lining up preparing her uniforms and so on...

While GJD is busy between choosing and rejecting...

GJP give a surprise visits to GJD house whole...

And for the first time GJP tested other kind of food for his breakfast.

At school, the trio suddenly become too nice and started pointing out how bad OMJ are and stated what she have done to her face and so on... the faking concern show up around her doesn't really bother GJD instead she started telling them how ridiculous they are...

“You guys buy whatever you want, but beauty doesn’t count? You’ve all done plastic surgery too, but you mock Min-ji for it? It’s okay for pretty girls to use it to be prettier, but not for an ugly person?”

(seriously I'm so happy that I keep smiling and feel proud when GJD say that... hehehe feel like it was me who say that LOL)

This is when OMJ shows up and keep telling GJD she won't ask for forgiveness and she wouldn't want GJD to forgive her either... and GJD slap her twice for that.

OMJ finally says goodbye to GJD and we were leave with a feelings knowing that in the future when the two met again... they will definitely be a good friend again.


After what have happened and all of the incident, GJP finally make an announcement... GJD is now officially his girlfriend. An announcement that made without asking GJD is totally GJP style...

and of coz the reactions are like this ^^

Just when GJP have the guts to announce something surprise... YJH shows up...

And the reaction is just like a mix feelings between... happy, worried, and a question marks...
GJD turn gloomy for YJH returns and the reason is because it does not feel right.


At home, GJD parents and brother seems busy and happy to accept all the appliances and furniture from GJP. Which of coz a burden to GJD.

To protest what GJP have done GJD went to the F4 private room.
And as always they have issues to talk about. The furniture, the money things and many more.

I like this conversations between them it's like learning something new about GJP at the same time.

GJD: “Are you like that with all your girlfriends? Did you buy them clothes and cars and swap out all their furniture? In a little while you’ll be getting me a new house too, I bet.”

GJP: “Actually, I was going to start with the new house, but Mr. Jung stopped me and told me to do it later since it’s attached to the dry cleaner’s.”

GJD: “I told you that you can’t buy friends, that you bond through your feelings. I don’t know how you were with all your previous girlfriends, but stuff like this pisses me off!”
GJP: “I don’t have any previous girlfriends.”

Then they were distracted by YJH new appearances, he have change in many way. Looking at him smiling and hugging happily with girls around him make GJD feel uneasy. But F3 seems to like the new him.


GJD and YJH met once again at their private spot (I think it's private for them ^^)
trying to figure out what had happened back in Paris. GJD ask when will he go back. And he slightly answer he didn't plans to.

YJH: “Was I too late? I was going to ask you to date me.”
GJD's shocked, but he smiles and tells her it was a joke.
He suggests, “Then what about dating behind GJP's back?”
which she again takes for real. Looking at her reactions he laughs and state that she’s the same as ever, then says,
“I missed you” as he leaves.


Just after announcing to GJP how money can't buy anything she was so happy to find a coin on the ground which was dropped by GJP. And GJP smile happily watching her reaction.

GJP took GJD to his family shopping mall and demand for the mall to be evacuate as soon as possible to make it private for them.

But when he was told that it was impossible to do so at that time GJP take an action by setting off the fire alarm which took GJD at surprise and GJP smile with proud for his successfully doing what he wanted to do.

GJP do all the choosing, picking and rejecting and GJD who was still in confuse mode do whatever please him.

The plan has yet to be done and the next part have to be complete by SYJ.

SYJ burst into the restaurant and told Ga Eul they have to act fast or she might not be able to see GJD. And without thinking Ga Eul followed SYJ.


Long story short... They finally arrived to  New Caledonia which make both GJD and Ga Eul wowing over how beautiful and gorgeous that place are...

Upon arriving to the Shinhwa private resorts... they started their sight seeing and strolling, even without knowing what coming up next the group enjoyed being there.

Ga Eul & GJP went to a fortune teller and by looking at GJD palm she was told,

“I see a man. Your future husband.” 
and not only that, but he’s there with her: 
“A soulmate.”
 “Two different men” 
Which is mean Jan-di’s soulmate and husband are not the same man.

and another last statement:
“You’re losing something important, as a woman.”

What else would they think if someone interpret it that way... LOL

Shocked by the statement, Jan Di scream and wake from a dream.

Still thinking about what the dreams all about, GJD freak out when GJP suddenly taking her away. And realizing that GJD might ask Ga Eul for help, GJP give a sign to watch after Ga Eul.

Both doesn't seems to have things in common but in in times we will see more about this two sweet people.

Meanwhile GJP gives more surprise to GJD and believe me both look cute when they have real conversations.

I like it when GJP take every effort to be be with GJD even with small touch he could change the way people think about him.

~ End of Episode 5~

I never thought I'll take this long to put all the screen cap... but I'll try to finish it. no matter how long it take...

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