Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu (Be With You)


Yuko Takeuchi (Mio)

Shidou Nakamura (Takumi)

This is not a new movie but still this is a good movie...I don't know what make me buy this movie...maybe it's been a while that I haven't really watch Japanese drama or movie...and suddenly I saw Yuko Takeuchi...(huhuhu I just like her...especially on Pride)...

Be With You involved around a widower who lives with his son Yuji after the death of his wife Mio. Takumi seems to be leaving in a world on his own after the death of his beloved wife...He been trying his best to give good attentions to Yuji...meanwhile Yuji always believe that his mom will come back when the rainy seasons is coming... This is because Mio make a promise to Yuji and Takumi that she will come back for them when the rainy seasons is coming. Although Takumi realize that Yuji wish is something impossible but Takumi did not have the heart to correct Yuji on that...or should be said that he himself too wish that the promise come true.

The rainy seasons has comes, Takumi and Yuji went to a forest looking for an item that Mio left for Yuji and while on searching they has encountered with a women who look just like Mio but has no recollection of her identity. Despite having their own doubts about the woman's identity, Takumi and Yuji are more than happy to see her.

Soon enough the woman starts to get used to living with Takumi and Yuji. She also slowly accepts that she really is Mio, Takumi's wife and Yuji's mother. During this time, Takumi recounts the story of how he fell in love with Mio and the rather awkward love story the two had. This perfect life, however, is shattered when the woman reads a diary that Yuji found in the forest. The diary basically informs her about Mio's death, as well as the truth behind the woman's identity. 

All right, you wanna know what the whole story go and watch it...hahaha I'm not gonna spoil anything huhuhu...from my point of view...I really love it, the film does a good job of answering the question about the woman's identity as well as connecting her past with Mio's. Some of you will probably find the answer a bit out of the ordinary since the story delves a little bit into a paranormal area but I love the unusual simplicity of the answer and the harrowing conclusion that follows after it.

There is a remake of this movie...I don't know why they want to remake it coz for me this one is quite good already...before you gonna watch the remake...make sure you watch this one first.

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