Saturday, January 20, 2007

My thughts on: Goong aka Princess Hours

It's been a while now...having a limited time to update this blogs make me miss so many things...however there is so many movies and dramas recently that I would like to share in here...but for 2007...I'll start with Princess Hours aka Goong.

I know...there is so many reviews about this drama out there but what I need to do here is just share what I thought and which part of scenes or dialog that captured me more...

At first I never really care about this drama...maybe it's because the actors were unfamiliar to me...but I decided to bought the dvd just to figure out what is it all about...and the results...I love it...Big Smile

Getting married to someone that you didn't know seems to be the hardest things ever happened...but falling in love with the strangest was the hardest part especially when you can't say it out...well of coz if there is no's not a love story...there is so many funny part and sad at the same shows how royal family handling things in their life. When everything is under control...what happen when someone break it.

For me the best dialog in this drama were the one where Shin Chae-gyung (played by Yoon Eun-hye) hugs Crown Prince Lee Shin (Joo Ji-hoon) and says "I'm sorry, I don't want to get divorce anymore, I won't say I want to live the castle anymore...I can breath in the castle it's all because of you, so I hope I could stay beside you." Wargh...cry that's part make me really sad...

But some part were too boring where there is too many dialog between the royal family...ok...I know they were trying to show us the situation of the royal family but sometimes I think...I've been watching this drama just because of those love story hehehe...Big Smile

Anyway, it's a worth watching drama...and since there will be the new Prince Hoo aka Goong S...I won't miss that one too...there is so many fans out there that didn't like the idea of changing the actor but for me...that's a good step to be taken coz we don't want korean drama to be just like those hollywood drama which is dragging to too many seasons...sometimes people will get bored too...for me if there really want to do the's best if they make it into movie and end it there.

Goong S for sure will be hits too..coz Se7en was in there and the series was on air now some people says that it's matter who will be the star in Goong S...I believe the director was the person who will creat the situation long as the director know what he was doing then the drama will be blast...

Here some photo for you to enjoyed...untill next update..."Be Happy and stay cool".

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  1. yoo eun hye so beautiful in this drama...