Saturday, November 19, 2005

~A Moment To Remember~

~A Moment To Remeber~

Beautiful Son Yae-Jin (The Classic) and handsome Jung Woo Sung (Musa, Mutt Boy) share A Moment to Remember! Su-Jin (Son Yae-Jin) and Chol-Su (Jung Woo-Sung) meet under seemingly average, normal circumstances. Su-Jin is exiting an affair with a married man, and Chol-Su is working for Su-Jin's father as a carpenter, and when they finally meet it's as if it was meant to be. Their love is affectionate and their marriage as close to perfect as can be...but is fate truly that kind? Su-Jin surprisingly contracts Alzheimer disease, and the tragic struggle they face both threatens and strengthens their love. But for how long? As Su-Jin's memory begins to leaves her, the disease they face may turn out to be too much for even a love as strong as theirs.

A Moment to Remember is the latest representative of Korea's stunningly popular tragic drama genre, and features two of the region's brightest stars. Son Yae-Jin shines as the tragically afflicted Su-Jin, and Jung Woo-Sung brings photogenic cool to the role of the supportive and loving Chol-Su.

At first I don't even bother about this movie...I already saw it in the market and without knowing what the story about I already knew this movie couldn't be a choice just because the cover did't really attract me...but then I really think I should watch it that was just because I couldn't find something new to watch...after watching it....I really feel glad I bought this is what people say...

"Don't Judge The Book By The Cover..."


~Son Yae Jin~


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