Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Love To Kill


I don't know how people judge on this drama...I might be a little bit bias on this...well I'm a big fan of Bi Rain so that should tell why...well should say he act well too in here...but yeah sometimes he look a little bit awkward...especially when the part where he cry with anger infront of his brother altar...I think that part must be hard for him coz it does not look real...the feeling is not there...but still he act well in every other part Big Smile.

Characters : 
-Bi/Rain/Jung Ji-Hoon as¸Kang Bok-Gu ; K-1 fighter 

Bok-gu is a character who is dynamic in nature. Always in control and look cool in anyway. He grew up in a foster home/orphanage and always having a fight...because of his past, he live just to repay everything to a girl who save him from fire witch has cause the girl having a several damage on her skin. When he thought he could handle everything alright he realize that something just not right and there is no turning back for him. Trying to take revange for his brother who jumped from a building right infront of him, without knowing the truth behind the act. While trying to pursue his revange, without realizing it he is in love with a woman whom he should not love; his love is forbidden and inevitably tragic.

--Shin Mina as Cha Eun-Seok ; top movie star

Eun-seok is a well-loved and popular movie star in korea. She used to date bok-gu's older brother and deep inside her heart still waiting for her first love to rescue her from whatever miserable things happened to her, untill a tragedy happened when a gossip about her and Joon-sung was all over the net and things started turn her life up side down, she met with Bok-gu who work as her bodyguard and slowly learn to love again and living her first love memory without knowing Bok-gu identity. 

--Kim Sa-Rang ; childhood friend

She loved bok-gu from the very beginning and even put herself at risk to save bok-gu from a raging fire. she grew up with bok-gu in a foster home/orphanage, she is a person who try so hard in what ever she it for money or love. 


--Lee Ki-Woo as Joon-Sung ; engaged to eun-seok

He is the successor of a major financial trust. He is the person who couldn't accept a No answer...thought he should have what he want and act on his own willing...full of confident but sometimes out of control.

credits to Rain's Scent / Soompi for the castings and pics...

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