Saturday, November 3, 2018


Can't believe it took me 3 years to come back.
So how have you been?

Me? 🤗
Still breathing, kicking, survive and trying to get back to the track.

What happened while I'm in hiatus?
Many things happened... Lost the one I love... Siblings getting married except me 😂...Now I have 3 nieces and 1 nephew...  So you may guess what kind of life I have...

But I guess we all go through so many things...

What didn't change?
My love for k-drama and c-drama...
So hard to catch up that I lost track to some of it.

So I decided to just share a glimpse of my favorite dramas later on.

Wish I won't go hiatus again after this 😘

Before I stop I'll live you with a teaser for what post I'm gonna share next😉

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Won Bin & Lee Na Young Wedding Photos

Wedding photos released by Won Bin and Lee Na Young.

On May 31, Eden 9 released photos from the private countryside wedding of stars Won Bin and Lee Na Young. In the pictorial, the 37-year-old actor looks regal in a double-breasted suit while his 36-year-old bride is gorgeously styled in an overall lace gown.Their picturesque nuptials were initially reported by the Korean outlet Dispatch on May 30.

In a report published on Nate, a representative for Eden 9 provided a statement, along with the photos. "Under the clear blue sky and May wheat field, the couple walked out to exchange marriage vows," said a spokesperson for Eden 9. "They received the blessings of both families, who watched in silence. Now they have a lifelong love."

The couple broke from the conventional concept of getting married at a posh wedding hall. Their ceremony was held within the flourishing meadows of a bed and breakfast in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province. In one photo, female guests are dressed in traditional hanbok while their male counterparts are in formal wear. Celebrities were not included on the guest list, which was reportedly restricted to friends and family.

On May 30, a representative for their agency provided a statement which confirmed their marriage and dispelled pregnancy rumors. "We wanted to have the wedding be as quiet as possible, as they make an ever-lasting promise," said a representative for Eden 9.

Won Bin and Lee Na Young are both represented by Eden 9. The couple reportedly began dating in July 2012 but their agency confirmed that the relationship started in July 2013.
Won is best known for his portrayal of Han Tae Suk in the K-Drama, "Autumn in My Heart" and his role in the hit action-thriller, "The Man from Nowhere."

By: Adrienne Stanley @kdramastar
Photo credit: Eden 9

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lee Jong Hyun

Early life

Lee Jong-hyun was born on May 15, 1990, in Busan, South Korea. His family consists of his parents and 2 older sisters. He lived in Busan before his family moved to Japan when he was four years old. His family moved back to Busan and he finished his elementary school and middle school there.

In 2010, he was the second generation member in the BEST NINE SCHOOL ULZZANG (meaning #2 ulzzang), with another CNBLUE member Jung Yong-hwa, Block B's Jaehyo, Lee Joon, and BAP's Himchan, who were the first, third, fourth and fifth generation members respectively.

The talent scouter from FNC Music (currently known as FNC Entertainment) who visited Busan to see Yonghwa, came across Jong-hyun in the street, and suggested scouting immediately. On his way to his audition, he met his current fellow CNBLUE member Jung Yong-hwa at the Seoul Station. They then met Kang Min-hyuk, also a current fellow member of CNBLUE, at FNC Music where they auditioned. Eventually, only the three of them passed the auditions and Lee began training in bass technology at FNC Academy.

Before Lee embarked on his musical career, he was a judo athlete who won a gold medal in a judo championship amongst athletes in his hometown when he was in high school. However, he decided to give up on sports upon realizing that this was not the field that he would excel in after losing in a match in just a few seconds. He then started to focus on music. At first, he learned singing, then piano. Then, upon watching an English singer-songwriter and guitarist Eric Clapton playing the guitar, he was inspired to learn to play the guitar.
Music career

Lee debuted with CNBLUE in South Korea on January 14, 2010 with their lead single "I'm a Loner". Before their Korean debut, they debuted as an indie band, with Lee being the leader, in Japan in August 2009. Jung Yong-hwa then took over his place following the band's Korean debut. They made their major debut in Japan in October 2011.

Lee, together with Jung Yong-hwa, has also been making significant contributions to the band by composing songs which were released in Japan and Korea. He composed songs such as "Blind Love", "Lie", "Rain of Blessing", "Kimio", "My Miracle", "Come On", "No More", "These Days" etc., which all gained positive feedback. "Come On" ranked number 5 in Oricon's Weekly singles chart while "Blind Love" ranked number 4. "Get Away", one of his compositions, was used as ending theme song for Japanese broadcast of American TV series Gossip Girl. Jong-hyun revealed that he composed "These Days" when he was a trainee.

Lee sings "My love" OST for SBS Drama A Gentleman's Dignity which he starred in. The OST song was Lee's first solo release since debut as singer. The OST charted high on various Korean digital music charts for many weeks and become one of most popular Korean Drama OST in 2012 and win him OST Award from Seoul Music Award. "My Love" placed No.6 on Billboard K-POP Hot 100 2012 Year End Chart and placed No. 15 on South Korea's National Gaon Yearly Single Chart.

Lee and his fellow label-mate Juniel formed a duo called "Romantic J" and released a Winter Special Digital Single Album with the single "사랑이 내려 (Love falls)". The song was composed by himself and written by Juniel. The teaser for the MV was released on December 5, 2013 at 12AM KST and the full MV was released on 12NN KST at the The FNC Official channel. Together with the MV, the making, commentary by Romantic J and CNBLUE's Lee Jung-shin, and the recording films were released. The song peaked #27 at Melon chart. Romantic J recorded their debut stages at Simply KPOP", M-net M! Countdown, and SBS MTV The Show.
Acting career

In 2010, Jong-hyun made his acting debut as Kim Seong-won in an omnibus film Acoustic which was released on October 28, 2010. Jong-hyun acted alongside fellow CNBLUE member Kang Min-hyuk who played his brother Kim Hae-won in the second part of the movie called "Bakery Attack". The movie revolves around the story of two brothers who love music but could not make ends meet with it. The older brother decided to sell his guitar but his younger brother accidentally lost it. They found the guitar in a bakery in Hongik University and learned new insights about music from the bakery owner.

On May 27, 2012, Jong-hyun made his small screen debut in SBS weekend drama A Gentleman's Dignity with Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ha-neul, Kim Min-jong, Kim Su-ro and Lee Jong-hyuk.

In July 2013, Jong-hyun made a cameo appearance as an important character in KBS2 Adolescence Medley. He also made cameo appearance in 2014 web drama One Sunny Day starring actor So Ji-sub. 
And for the latest drama, Jong Hyun stars in "Orange Marmalade" along with Yeo Jin Go, Seol Hyun and Ahn Kil Kang as Han Shi Hoo.


Jong-hyun primarily uses a range of Marshall and Orange Amplifiers, notably JVM410 and JCM2000 TSL models when on stage. Jong-hyun uses a variety of guitars, including a PRS Artist V, a Paul Reed Smith Custom 22, a Gibson Les Paul Historic Reissue Goldtop, a Carvin Custom, a Martin HD-28V Acoustic and a Tobacco Burst Fender Stratocaster.
Yeah! finally this man caught my eyes with his dimple smile... before I was too busy looking at Jung Yong Hwa (well I mean within the CNBlue's members of coz) hahaha. So, now it's time for eyes refreshment. Ready!

Monday, May 18, 2015

KBS2 Drama list Jan To May 2015

It's been a long time. I didn't know I'll be MIA for a long time... I thought I'll just stop coming back but here I am again. Trying to fill in something... So, where should I start? back to January? or just start where ever I stop? Hmmm let see....For now I'll just list down the must watch drama in starting from January until May from KBS2

Healer (힐러)

Must watch!
Love this drama... it's like watching someone stealing your heart without you even know it.

It's an action romance. So, if you're expecting the Healer going to help the world like Superman or Captain America  than forget it. 

Oh I don't believe people who claimed  they only watched this drama because it's good. 
It's either Ji Chang Wook/ Park Min Young, you name it.

Blood (블러드) 

To be truthful, this is not really my favorite one.
And that doesn't mean it was bad, just not on my fav. list that's all. 

It failed to get my attention to the fullest. But If you're into vampire mysterious love story this might be for you to watch.

Oh, I don't even really watch Twilight... now I know why this one didn't get my attention hahaha

The King's Face (왕의 얼굴) 

I really love Saeguk drama, I just can't help but keep checking on a good one.
Since this one is based on a well known Korean historical event, I believe this must be awesome. But seriously.... it's just too complicated. Hahaha

Historical note:
"Prince Gwanghae is considered a progressive and real politic king of the time that get removed from the thorn by a coup of the old guard nobility."

Unkind Women (착하지 않은 여자들)  

I guess the reason why I love this drama is because of the way it describe women in every generation way of thinking. Since I'm an independence woman. I found some of the character in this drama has great similarity to me. 

Finally, something that close to reality is on air.
 Spy (스파이)   

The reason this one goes in my fav list is quoted below. Not that perfect but nice!
"If there ever was a shining redeeming quality to this show, it would be by far the men in this family. I could fill pages about Dad and his steadfast devotion to his wife and children, along with his willingness to protect his family. His helplessness in the time when he knew that there was nothing he could do broke my heart, but how could you not love a jolly, honorable family man? And wouldn’t you know that Sun-woo takes after his father in his own relationship with Yoon-jin (even if I was never sold on the romance). Coming across a hero who actually comes from a loving home with solid parent-child relationships is hard to come by, which makes me appreciate Sun-woo all the more." - Gumimohi's Review @dramabeans

Producers (프로듀사) 

Too early to mention it as my fav. one. But I'll keep on eye on this. Fighting!


Orange Marmalade (오렌지 마말레이드)

Yeah! my eyes refreshment is back! The first 2 episode was great. I'm still looking forward on the next episode... seriously, I guess I'm just being bias here. I'm not interested on vampire dramas but this one hahaha

Everything looks like webtoon in this drama... or is it just me? I know it was from a famous webtoon but since I haven't read or come across to the webtoon so I don't know. For now I'll just stick to watch.

(I'm definitely going to put some review on Orange Marlade. Wait & see... ) 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

MC Mong tops music charts with sixth album

The embattled South Korean hip-hop artist MC Mong, who was once mired in controversy over draft evasion, topped major local music charts with his latest track for the second straight day. 

As of Tuesday morning, the title track “Did you miss me?,” off his sixth full-length album “Miss Me or Diss Me,” took the No.1 spot on all ten online real-time music charts including Naver Music, MelOn, Daum and Mnet after its release on Monday. 

The 13-track album comes five years after the release of his previous full-length album, “Humanimal” in 2009. The punky title song, featuring Jinsil of vocal group Mad Soul child, tells of MC Mong’s inner conflicts before he returned to the K-pop scene. 


MC Mong’s unexpectedly strong performance on the music charts surprised the K-pop scene as the public anger towards him still remains over his alleged draft dodging.

The 35-year-old rapper kept low for nearly four years after being charged with deliberately delaying his military duty in 2010.

MC Mong allegedly paid dentists to pull out two of his teeth to be exempted from the mandatory military service, although he claimed that the teeth removal was for medical reasons.

Given the persistent public outcry, it remains unclear whether he will make any appearance on TV to promote his album. 

MC Mong debuted as a member of the hip-hop group People Crew in 1998. The artist rose to prominence after appearing on the MBC sitcom “Non-Stop 4.” After he launched his solo career as a rapper in 2004, his upbeat music and comedic style gained broad popularity. 

By Ock Hyun-ju (

‘Lee Min-ho and I are kind of dry persons’

Korean actor Jung Il-woo, who recently finished his drama “The Night Watchman” successfully, talked about his close colleague Lee Min-ho in a recent interview with a local media.

Lee Min-ho(Starhaus Entertainment) and Jung Il-woo(Star K Entertainment)

Asked what he usually does to relax, the actor said, “When there’s no work, I’m really lazy. I just veg out.”

“I’m kind of a dry person. I don’t meet people often since it is tiresome (to go out). Lee Min-ho also has a similar personality, so he usually keeps indoors too. We always make an appointment and cancel it, saying ‘It bothers me (to go out), let’s meet another time.’ We’ve done it a number of times,” he added.

By Yoon Ji-soo (

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye boast loving charms

Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye (SBS)

Actor Lee Jong-suk and actress Park Shin-hye boasted chemistry in SBS’s upcoming drama “Pinocchio.”

The broadcaster revealed Sunday pictures of the two actors wearing school uniforms and showing off loving charms while standing together and smiling at the camera.

The drama “Pinocchio” is about young news reporters working at the social affairs desk.

Main casts for the drama "Pinocchio" (SBS)

Park plays the role of Choi In-ha, a rookie news reporter who suffers from “Pinocchio syndrome.” Lee plays the role of Choi Dal-po, a news reporter at the social affairs desk who used to be a taxi driver.

Choi lost his parents in a tragic accident when he was a child and forgets his past. He also has a hidden talent.

The drama is scheduled to air from Nov. 12 after “My Lovely Girl.”

By Kim Min-jin (

Friday, September 26, 2014

Lee Sung Kyung Talks About The Gong Hyo Jin And Jo In Sung Dating Rumors

Actress Lee Sung Kyung, who played Jo In Sung”s teenage stalker in “It”s Okay, It”s Love,” had something to say about the recently published photographs featuring the actor and his co-star actress Gong Hyo Jin.

The photographs, which appeared in the Dispatch, heightened rumors that the actor and Gong Hyo Jin were dating. The two actors co-starred in “It”s Okay, It”s Love,” playing a couple. He was a mystery writer suffering from delusions and she played the psychiatrist who fell in love with him.

The drama ended on Sept. 11. A week later Gong Hyo Jin broke up with actor Lee Jin Wook, her boyfriend of a year. Two weeks later, Jo In Sung broke up with actress Kim Min Hee. Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee had been dating since April 2013.

Representatives from Kim Min Hee”s agency cautioned that no one should jump to conclusions. The obvious conclusion was that both Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung ended their respective relationships after growing closer on the set of “It”s Okay, It”s Love,” but both their agencies deny that the two are involved in a romantic relationship. They are only friends.

When the photographs showing Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin out at a café were published in the Dispatch, some assumed that the actors were caught on a date together. But Kim Ki Bang and But Lee Sung Kyung were also present and Lee says that the gathering was a cast celebration.

The actress told Newsen that the cast members are like family and the photographs were taken a casual get together that Lee Kwang Soo was also supposed to attend.

“Lee Kwang Soo was also supposed to come but he couldn't because his shooting ended too late.”

She stressed that all the cast members became close during the filming of the drama. Although staff members traveled to Thailand together for a vacation following the end of the drama, the cast did not have any official celebration. So, they got together for some drinks at a café in Itaewon. When Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin were photographed, Lee Sung Kyung was standing close to Gong Hyo Jin discussing whether they should share a cab. It was late.

“It was really nothing,” said Lee Sung Kyung.”

Kim Min Hee”s agency says that she and Gong Hyo Jin are still good friends.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jo In Sung And Kim Min Hee Break Up: But Don't Jump To Any Conclusions

Days after Gong Hyo Jin broke up with her boyfriend actor Lee Jin Wook, her “It”s Okay It”s Love” co-star Jo In Sung has broken up with his girlfriend actress Kim Min Hee.

But, say representatives from Kim Min Hee”s agency, that coincidence does not mean you should jump to any conclusions.

Jo In Sung”s agency IOK Company and Kim Min Hee”s agency have both confirmed that the stars ended their relationship. The companies issued a joint official statement.

“This is our official statement concerning the headlines involving Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee,” said a release by IOK Company. “We”ve confirmed that due to their individual activities, schedules and busy daily lives, the two naturally drifted apart and naturally broke up.”

The statement also added that it was important not to jump to conclusions. The obvious conclusion might have been that both Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung ended their respective relationships after growing closer on the set of “It”s Okay, It”s Love.” In that drama he played a mystery writer suffering from delusions and she played the psychiatrist who falls in love with him. But. Say the agencies, their drama relationship has nothing to do with reality.

“We find it unfortunate that speculations and false details that have not been checked have been exaggerated in articles. Please refrain from reporting on details that have not been confirmed. We plan on taking strong action against news outlets that report unrelated details, so please report the news carefully.”

The rumors may have originated with photographs that appeared in the Korean media outlet “Dispatch.” On Sept. 24, the Dispatch showed a photo of Jo In Sung, Kim Ki Bang and Gong Hyo Jin out at a café in Itaewon, Seoul, on the previous night. But it”s not news that Jo in Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Sung Kyung and the other actors from “It”s Okay It”s Love” are close.

Both agencies deny that Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin are dating.

According to his management company, “Jo In Sung has continued his friendship with Gong Hyo Jin after becoming friends while filming their drama together.”

Soop Entertainment also released a statement on the gossip that arose from the Dispatch photos.

“The two became closer as friends while filming the drama. That meeting was just a casual meet-up to socialize among friends.”

Kim Min Hee and Gong Hyo Jin are also good friends.

Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Jin Wook dated for less than a year, going public with their relationship in May. Jo In Sung began dating Kim Min Hee in April 2013.

Dispatch spots Jo In Sung with Gong Hyo Jin, rumored to have broken up with Kim Min Hee

Actor Jo In Sung has been spotted with his “It”s Okay, That”s Love” co-star Gong Hyo Jin by Dispatch, sparking dating rumors as well as further fueling rumors that he”s broken up with his publicly acknowledged girlfriend Kim Min Hee.

Media outlet Dispatch reported on September 24, “Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin,Kim Ki Bang, and more were photographed having a good time at a cafe in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the night of the 23rd.” Photos of Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, and their acquaintances were also revealed.

After the news made headlines, Jo In Sung”s agency IOK Company responded,“Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Sung Kyung, and other actors from SBS” “It”s Okay, That”s Love” team are very close. On the night the photos were taken, they were all hanging out together.”

At the same time, there have been reports by an alleged insider that Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee are not together, but are still on good terms. On the rumors that Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee were no longer in a relationship, the agency stated, “Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee are not broken up. They”re still dating well.”